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  10 Easy steps to getting your new website

  1. Request a new website from us.
  2. We will contact you for all the necessary website content and images, to be provided by the client - you (We will research the client's business, products or services as needed or requested).
  3. Website design and content layout begins.
  4. Design brief provided to the client.
  5. Await the clients website design approval.
  6. Web Development starts, apply HTML markup & CSS.
  7. Web development revision.
  8. More development, On Page SEO, Headings, Meta Titles, Keywords and Descriptions.
  9. Upload the website onto the server
  10. Website maintenance, updates, more content, more SEO ( ongoing )

We will guide you step by step and assist you with the process from start to finish. Building trust with your partners is a strong point to growing any business.

What is Web Development

Web development is the coding or programming that enables website to function as you know it. It is the non-design aspect of building a website page, once the website design & layout is complete the web developer will start adding all the necessary code into a web page.

HTML, CSS and other coding languages if necessary will be added to give your website the look & feel of the text, color, shape and spacing that we strive to achieve within the design layout. Once the code has been entered the website comes to life, without it ,there is no website.

We offer our web development services to all forms of businesses or individuals alike, whether it's for a new website or a re-development section of a page. Contact us to find out how we could assist you.

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Shayne Prinsloo Avatar

Shayne Prinsloo - Frontend Web Developer / UX Web Designer
Skills & Courses: Frontend Development / UX / HTML 5 / CSS 3 / CSS Grid / Web design for developers

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6 Must have items for your website

* Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ensuring that your website has the proper SEO and is structured for search engine crawlability and indexability, which enables more traffic and organic search results to your website.

* Responsive Design

Having a website that loads fast & looks great on all devices makes all the difference. In today's times, more and more mobile devices are being used to access the internet than ever before, your desktop computer has just taken the back seat!

* UX / UI Design

User Experience and User Interface friendly website designs.

* Contact Details

We got it covered, allowing your visitors to get in touch via website contact forms that are delivered directly to your email. All your business contact information is clearly displayed for easy reference.

* Additional Website Features

Shopping Cart Integration, Blog pages, Registration forms (PHP) plus much more.

* Web Hosting

We are affiliated to Cloudfusion which offers our client's great website hosting packages. Please see our pricing page for more details on how to sign up.

About Us

white Ice Designs is a Professional Web Design, Website Rental & Front End Web Development studio. Based in the south of Johannesburg Gauteng, my interest in web design started back in 2006/ 2007 when I decided to try my hand, creating my first website, having no experience with any form of coding I looked for a software program that would allow me to create and design with no coding knowledge, WebPlus was the easiest web design software I could find and it served me well until Google changed what we knew about websites and SEO structure. Learning to code was the only way forward, HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, and CSS GRID are the foundations for anyone looking to start their coding languages.

This is where Simplicity meets Style and Functionality! If you are looking for a new responsive website for your business that meets all the latest web designing, development and search engine optimization trends, you have just found us! We offer all our clients the option to rent websites as well as non-rental custom design work. Web page design and website development play an important part in how your Internet-based business will function. At white Ice Designs, website development never ends, we spend a lot of time developing our clients websites, maintaining a high level of efficiency, long after the website completion.

Having the choice of website renting saves your business start-up costs, allowing you to use the extra money where needed. All our website rental options are fully packed with everything you will need to get your online presence out there. Not stopping there we offer full support, web design services, web development, content management, website maintenance and lots more. Service orientated with a professional and friendly UX / UI design approach. white Ice Designs strives to deliver first-class customer service with a difference. From a small start-up business website to big corporate companies we have you covered.

The best way to contact me would be by email, but feel free to give me a call if needed.

Office +27 11 024 5236
Mobile +27 82 360 1309

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